Volumetric efficiency of Engine!

Volumetric efficiency is one of the most critical factors influencing the performance of four-stroke engines. Because four stroke engines have separate intake strokes, volumetric efficiency indicates the engine’s ability to breathe. It should be remembered that the air intake determines the engine’s power output. As a result, an engine should be capable of sucking in as much air as feasible.

Volumetric efficiency is defined as the volume flow rate of air in the intake system multiplied by the system’s displacement rate.

It should be emphasized that regardless of the engine, whether spark ignition, compression ignition, or gas engine, the volumetric flow should be taken into account.

The normal range of volumetric efficiency at full load for spark ignition engines is between 80 and 85% and between 85 and 90% for compression ignition engines.

Because gaseous fuel displaces air, limiting the engine’s breathing capacity, gas engines have very low volumetric efficiency.

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